U11 - U12 Girls

Program Details

Junior Spring Season 2019

U11 - U12 girls (Born 2007, 2008)

Registration opens November 1st 2018 to January 25th 2019

A late registration fee of $40 will apply from January 26th 2019
*Please note - we will only accept late registrations if there is room in the program

If you registered for the Senior Season or other junior programs between Sep 1 2018 and the beginning of the Junior season, you have already paid your FHBC fees and do not need to pay again. Please opt out at registration. 

To Register for the Spring Junior Season

Returning players - login with the username and password you created last year. 

New players -  please create a new account, username and password.

Practices Start: Week of April 1st 2019
First League Games: Weekend of April 6th/7th 2019

Cost: $190+ FHBC fees + Uniform costs 

The Hawks U11 and U12 teams play in the Greater Vancouver Junior League. Teams play 8-aside games on ½ field. There is one practice per week.

**Please note - practice times are dependent on coach availability and will be announced closer to the start of the program. 

Our New Player page and FAQ's page will provide you with more details about field hockey and our program.

Uniform details

U11 - U12 athletes are required to wear the following uniform items to each session:
  • Hawks Training Jersey - Youth (reversible)
  • Red Socks
  • Black socks (for away games)
These must be ordered at registration

Age Group Rules

Games are 35 minute halves with a 5 minute break in between. U11 and U12 Girls games are typically held on Saturdays at Hamber and travel for "away" games will be required. Occasionally,  games may be held on Sundays based on turf availability. 

Umpires will be provided by the club. There is a Club Umpiring coordinator who will ensure two umpires are at every game. Occasionally the coordinator will ask a coach to fill in as umpire. They will be contacted before game time. 

All players, coaches and parents are expected to display good sportsmanship and adhere to the Hawks code of conduct  throughout practices and beyond. 

The 8–a side game is played by the U11 and U12 age divisions.  The aim is to maximise a player’s involvement in the game while developing the skills & knowledge of the game.  All players should have much time on the field as possible. 

The Field
The game is played across a regular field using half field  ie 60 meters wide by 50 meters long. Circles are marked in red slash marks on Hamber. 

The Team
8 Players are on the field at a time.    Positions are:  1 Goal keeper, 1 sweeper, 3 midfielders 3 forwards.  There must be a designated Goal keeper.

Can be made from the side at the centre line at any time.  The existing player must be off the field before the substitution player can come onto the field.  A team may make unlimited substitutions during the game.  There are no time outs.

A senior weight ball can be used.  Goalkeepers must be fully kitted.  All players must wear shin guards and mouth guards.  No shin/ mouth guards ….. no play. 

General Game rules
The following full game rules apply to the half field game:

Start of game
Penalty corners
16 yard hits
free hits
long corners
To score a goal a ball must be touched inside the circle by an attacking player

Safety Rules
In order to promote skill development and ensure the safety of the players the following safety aspects should be rigorously applied:
  • No High sticks.
  • Raised ball be penalised each time … even if not near any players.  This also applies to a kick by a GK.
  • Penalise ball off the feet.
  • Defensive players being 5 metres on a free hit.
  • On free hits taken with 5 metres of the goal circle all players must be 5 metres, not just defensive players.
  • Stick checking, even if accidental, should be immediately penalised.
  • When tackling players remain on their feet … do not allow them to kneel on the ground in front of a player.
  • Flat stick tackles should only be allowed once players have mastered an upright tackle.
  • Discourage wrong side tackles from behind …even if no foul … that’s loss of teeth time.
  • A GK should not lie in front of a shot.  At this level teach goal keepers to remain on their feet.
  • Players do not go to ground in front of a shot or a hit.
  • Shots on goal should be on ground not in air.