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Posted 4/5/2018 Ref # 173

Team Canada Grand Masters

Grand Masters (over 60) representing Canada in Spain this summer.

Standing: Patrick Oswald (Van. Hawks), Ian Baggott (West Van.), Bill Purcell (West Van.), Kuldip Virdi (Van. Hawks), Alan Wightman (Calgary), Andy Haigh (Jokers), Colin Schmutter (West Van.), Tony Stewart (Calgary), Don Paterson ( Manager - Van. Hawks)

Kneeling: John McCullough (Van. Hawks), Gord Plottel (Van. Hawks), Ken Beckett (Van. Hawks), Al McBeth (Burnaby), Mark Northcote (Van. Hawks)

Posted 4/5/2018 Ref # 172

Cowichan's 8th May Long Weekend May Festival

Posted 3/22/2018 Ref # 171

India Club Tournament

Posted 3/20/2018 Ref # 170

Hawks 5 - Division 4 Cup Winners!

Vancouver Hawks 5 capped off a spectacular season in the Women’s league with a 10th, 11th and then 12th win in a row: no. 10 to capture the league title in the final game of the regular season (and to earn promotion to Division 3); no. 11 to advance to the Cup final; and then no. 12—the Cup final—where Hawks 5 downed Surrey Sharks in a well-contested one goal game. For a team made up almost entirely of rookies in the Women’s league, it was sparkling finale to a splendid first campaign.

From left to right: Sara Sontz (GK), Molly Harris, Lauren Tse, Trinity Barnes, Nollie Grauer, Hailey Moretto, Jenny Tindall, Mikayla Stelling, Bella McAdam, Molly Cooper-Grey, Lauren Breakell and Sydney Mardon with the trophy.

Posted 2/15/2018 Ref # 168

Pre-Season Tune-up for U11-U14 Boys & Girls

Head Coach - Shanlee Johnston - member of National Women Team